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About US

Aobo is in the business of energy efficient environmental solutions. Aobo provides Air Treatment Solutions for industrial applications and Energy Storage Solutions for residential and commercial applications. Aobo’s mission is “Our Environment, Our Energy, Our Future”.
Established in 1999 in China, Aobo leverages its design and engineering expertise coupled with application experience to offer customised air treatment solutions for industrial customers in key end markets such as food, pharmaceuticals, lithium-ion batteries and electronics production. The air treatment solutions primarily focus on dehumidification and VOC abatement in particular NMP recovery. The air treatment solutions are designed to improve production efficiency, product quality and energy efficiency, and have a director impact on the success and operations of the customers’businesses. In most cases, these solutions include custom equipment that is integrated directly into customer production processes.
Growing worldwide awareness of environmental issues has led to increasing demand for renewable energy such as solar energy. Driven by the Company’s mission to support a sustainable energy efficient environment, Aobo launched ESS business in 2018 and developed energy storage products. The key concepts are to store energy effectively and to use energy wisely. Aobo released its flagship residential energy storage system in Australia in October 2018. By using energy storage system, solar power can be stored for later use at times when solar generation is not available,electricity prices are higher or there is a power cut.

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